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Frequently Asked Questions

Alchemy’s mission statement

A full service salon setting a standard of excellence by combining a talented team of stylists, an inspiring environment and highest quality of products and tools. Through style and creative thinking, we will communicate our ideas to our clients. We will create a relationship built on education, confidence, and community. Alchemy is more than just a salon; it is a lifestyle.

What is Green Circle recycling program?

Green Circle is the first salon-based recycling program with a sustainable solution to fight the challenges of salon industry waste. Alchemy is a certified Green Circle salon, which means we partner up Green Circle and recycle items ranging from hair (GC uses all of the hair we collect to make booms to soak up oil from oil spills) to empty product containers. Lids and packaging to the excess color (that would typically go down the drain into our water supply). There is a $2.00 Green Circle fee added to each ticket to help cover the cost to participate in this impactful recycling program. Read more about it at https://greencirclesalons.com/

Why the Education Fund?

Education is the foundation of our Mission. This is the core reason our stylists are able to offer the level of work that they do. We never stop studying, training and sharing new techniques and styles. Part of our education program includes bringing the best-of educators in from other areas, as well as sending Alchemy stylists to classes hosted around the globe. There is a $0.50 Education Fund fee added to each client ticket to help support the education fund used for our stylists to expand and continue their education.

Where to park?

Parking is available directly behind the salon in the smaller lot, as well as the larger lot directly behind Alchemy property on Concord.

How to book color

All color appointments can be booked by calling, texting, or emailing the salon. We cannot book color online as each color service deserves a consultation based on texture, health and history of your hair. Consultations assure you the proper charge and amount of time needed.

How we determine pricing

Alchemy stylists range from Protégé to Master stylists. Our pricing is tiered, determined by years of experience and education. We realize as the economy changes prices can be sensitive to some so we make sure to offer competitive pricing in Orlando. We guarantee that an incredible amount of education is taught to all levels of stylists at Alchemy.


Our Master Stylists work with an Apprentice. Our Apprentices are licensed hairdressers that have come to Alchemy for advanced education (think Master’s Degree). Before our Apprentices are able to work side by side with us on hair, they have gone through rigorous training to be able to either style your hair or apply your color.  As our Apprentices graduate to the salon floor, many clients find themselves in the chair of someone whom they met as an Apprentice.

Why have a Cancellation Policy and what are the terms?

Alchemy is a commission-based salon. We have an ongoing waitlist for clients wanting to be seen sooner than our schedule allows. This policy was created to ensure cancellation 24 hours or more, would allow us to service another client. But if something comes up at the last minute and you can’t give more than 24 hours notice, this policy allows us to keep our hard working & devoted stylists paid for their time. We really appreciate your participation.

  • Cancellations over 24 hours of appointment time: no fee
  • Cancellations under 24 hours of appointment time: 50% of scheduled service
  • No Show/No Call for appointment: 100% of scheduled service
  • Over 5 minutes late for bang trim appointment: $25 fee and canceled appointment

Here is a link to our full cancellation policy and terms.